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Zizek's Politics

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Pubblicazione: 08/2006
Edizione: 1° edizione



Condizione: Nuovo
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Slavoj Zizek is perhaps the most important, original and enigmatic philosophers writing today. Many readers both inside and outside of the academy have been intrigued by both the man and his writing yet, given the density of his prose and the radical views he often espouses, they have struggled to get a handle on his basic positions. He draws upon and makes continual reference to the challenging concepts of Kant, Hegel, Marx, Lacan, and Badiou. His prose is dense and frenetic and his dialectical twists and turns seem to make it impossible to attribute to him any specific position: he celebrates St. Paul and orthodox Christians even as he engages in a spirited defense of Lenin.
“Zizek’s Politics “will synthesize Zizek’s myriad political writings into a systematic theory and put his theory into dialogue with key concepts and positions in contemporary political thought. It will provide readers with a much needed critical introduction to the political thought of one of the world’s most widely known and eccentric thinkers.

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